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Can You Wear Black and White to a Wedding?

With the wedding seasons, come late night dancing with your friends and weekend trips, but again the issue of finding an outfit to clad to the celebration. Contrary to other events, weddings always come with a specific set of traditions and guidelines, but a lot of them have evolved and changed with time.

Just like many other etiquette regulations surrounding others’ “I dos,” the most appropriate wedding attire for the guest should fall into a gray area. Among them is the so much-debated question: Can black and white be worn to a wedding?

If you are a member of the wedding party or wedding guest and have not been asked to specifically wear white- for instance, as part of the wedding theme or a bridesmaid who has been asked to wear white dress or cream dress, or a mother to the bride who has preferred to wear a champagne cream or pale silver color as a special honor I still think you should avoid wearing white, and anything in the light ivory family or anything with lots of white. 

There has never been clear-cut answers on this. More often than not this varies on the specific event and the people getting married and it does not hurt to consult the couple if are stumped. You should not wear all white.The addition of other colors sounds great, but just because your bag is color pink cannot make your floor length white gown sound appropriate.

I think attire rules are changing and shifting, for now, we should abide by the old taste that a guest should not wear to a wedding at all even if it is only a dress that is clearly non-bridal. And this is keeping in mind that many styles for bridal gowns are getting less formal and this makes the chances of finding a non-bridal white dress less.

We also have to get rid of the idea that a bride will easily get undermined by one guest who wears a white dress accidentally. A wedding day is all about union and love between to partners, not the dress, décor or other things that may be surrounding them. 

In the past one who had a black attire believed to be associated with mourning, therefore considered inappropriate to clad it on the happiest day of another person’s life. But this school of thought is so much outdated since black is so much fashionable, classic and chic and especially for a wedding guest.

Unlike other wedding preferences black may not be appropriate for all weddings. Preferably do ask the marrying couple in that if the couples are traditional wearing black or white may not be the best option. It may not be wise to choose conservative but classic clothing.

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